Wednesday, February 20, 2013

for spring to well up

Life seems to me a day -- a week, perhaps -- in February

Do you know what that is?

It's the first line of a poem I wrote back in February 2006. It was a poem to someone in free verse (I didn't try to rhyme anything with February).

And I can't remember more of it than that. Except the theme (you know how, when it's kind of a warm day for February and you're walking past the Cannon Center, sometimes you can feel a breeze that, while not really warm, still hints of impending spring? And how sometimes when you're slogging through a separation from your beloved, just the thought of them can make you smile and look forward to the future you know will come? That's the theme).

Oh, and I think the last line might have been, "You bring heaven to my life" because why not. I was as embarrassed by the sentimentality then as I am now, but I at least liked that poem better than the other one I sent, which was about chocolate eyes. Eyes the color of chocolate, I hasten to clarify.

I've written a few poems in my day. I was going to post them all today but realized I'd either posted them already or they're about autumn. (Or both.) And while I love autumn, I just don't feel like posting about it right now. I'll try to remember in a few months.

There is one poem. It's not about autumn. I wrote it in August 2011 (it's so easy to remember!) and I love it. Mostly. I recognize that it's a little silly and I'd hate to hear what poetry analysts would say, but I'm going to share it anyway.

I know 'tis not a fair display
To hold to fortune-teller's say
Or make a bulwark star-seen wish
With skies awash in stars as fish.
But life and thee combine to prove
That trusting us to make our love
Has not made happiness as real
As studying the apple peel
Or blowing dandelion fluff
Our efforts cannot be enough.
So while our hearts reach out in vain
A hope in fate I will retain.

Unlike above, this poem was not sent to someone, nor does it specifically refer to anyone (except for when it does). Previously it had been untitled but upon pondering I am liking the title, "Sooth".

And it's metaphorically the story of my life.

[Title text: "Stray Italian Greyhound"]

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

spending all that emotion

I love some of my inanimate objects so much. Every time I approach my car in the parking garage after work I tell her how beautiful she is and blow kisses and generally try to make her feel appreciated. Usually there aren't people around when I do this.

I'm also exceedingly fond of my Goggy. The stuffed animal I made a conscious decision to let into my life has been such a blessing to me. I moved to Provo and left her at home, but I was enough of a mess when I moved to SLC that I actually didn't sleep until I went and got her.

I just find her presence so comforting. I've gotten used to her wire ears and I like to pull on her tail. And, for the past three years, I have kissed her nose every night.

It's a little embarrassing because usually when grownups sleep with stuffed animals they've grown up sleeping with them, but I didn't even meet Goggy until I was 21. But the tendency to cuddle has always been there (I had a little orange pillow all through college until it disintegrated itself).

Goggy is not white anymore. And the stuffing is rearranging itself. She is well loved.

Goggy and me, all ready for bed!

On a completely other note, I was looking at the post that first introduced Goggy (see above) and saw another post about my formal gown. I don't know what I was thinking not bringing that down, because I would love to wear it to a formal occasion happening this weekend but have no immediate plans to go home. I love that dress. (And none of the rest of my family do.)

It's okay, though. I've borrowed an absolutely fabulous dress, and I'm so excited to wear it I'm half convinced that something will happen to prevent me from attending.

Title Text: "Stray Italian Greyhound"